Days of Depression

The Manic Maniac

I may seem like a cheerful flower, but on the inside I’m a dying flower. I can’t keep up with my own thoughts. I’m shadowing them. This mania is eating me alive. I don’t want to be the star of the show.. I just want to watch. All I want to do is live without presenting myself to the world as a panicking maniac who can’t control her emotions because they are swaying left and right from each wall inside my head. My brain is not a playground, even though these thoughts are like missed behaved toddlers.


Their Back…

Why do these images haunt me? I’ve been walking forward and now they just tap me on the shoulder and kick me to the ground. Why can’t they stay away? I can never get a moment of peace. Something will always linger above my conscience, like when cartoons on the TV get punched in the face and have stars around their head spinning in circles like my psychotic mind. Intrusive thoughts are breaking me, I thought I was getting better…I was wrong


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